As a cloud-native organization, Accelex’s partnership with AWS makes a lot of sense.

Data architecture

For data processing backend, Accelex has adopted a microservices-based architecture. Microservices are all containerized and deployed in EKS, AWS’s managed Kubernetes service.


AWS infrastructure is also used to power Accelex’s innovative data analytics pipeline. Data is stored in managed databases (RDS for PostgreSQL) and S3 cloud storage buckets.


Offloading of some rarely used, but resource-intensive, workloads to lambda functions is taking place too.

AWS is the main cloud provider for Accelex globally, both for development and for the production environment.g

The data science stack is deployed using lambda functions which allows it to absorb massive spikes in workloads. Sagemaker is also used for ML Ops, including model training, experiment tracking, model registry.

Accelex uses AWS managed services as part of our software factory, most notably AWS Artifact Repository and the Elastic Container Registry.

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