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Automate the extraction of unstructured performance and transaction data from a wide range of private investment documents. 

Speed, accuracy and efficiency in collecting and analyzing data is a prerequisite in the fiercely competitive alternative investment industry. The market is ill-equipped to respond to complex core processing, rising costs and increased regulation. The manual processing of data from unstructured and difficult-to-access documents is outdated and time-consuming.

Accelex's proprietary AI and data science technology enables clients to classify documents and extract actionable data quickly, accurately and securely, allowing more time to focus on what matters most.   Making better informed investment decisions. 

The Process

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Metric selection, fund and asset set-up


Automated document acquisition


Document classification, tagging, entity detection and data extraction


User exception management and validation


Automated document acquisition across many sources  


Automated and intelligent data extraction from multiple sources


Seamless identification and data validation

Key benefits

Easy document ingestion

Dynamic algorithms with zero integration

Structured content

Automatically classify and tag documents

Standardize complex processes

Define data requirements

Control and audit

Track each workflow step, including user input, to provide a full operational audit trail with comprehensive security and access control

Flexible integration

Customizable data formats for export

Speed of delivery

Eliminate delays in document acquisition and data transfer between Accelex and internal systems


Replace error-prone manual business processes with reliable and efficient automation

Accelex integrations

Integration services for private market participants to streamline document acquisition and data transfer across organizations.

A growing list of connections to major investor portals retrieve new documents without the need for manual login.

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Upstream integration


API integration with FIS Digital Data Exchange and SS&C Intralinks with support for further investor portals to come  


The email forwarding endpoints automate uploading of attached documents into the Accelex platform 


SFTP options to automate the uploading of documents and data from client's internal infrastructure into the Accelex application 

Application platforms

Direct integration with DOMOS FS, LemonEdge, SimCorp and many other leading alternative investment solutions

Downstream integration

Downstream integration solutions automate the transfer of data between the Accelex platform and client internal systems


SFTP options to automate the extraction of structured data from the Accelex application, in customizable formats defined by the client

Application platforms

Direct integration with DOMOS FS, LemonEdge, SimCorp, FIS and many other leading alternative investment solutions

What our clients say about Accelex

“Our focus is providing innovative investment solutions and competent advice to help institutional investors build a sustainable and successful investment strategy. With Accelex’s cutting-edge technology solution we are able to focus our efforts on delivering exactly this, without the need for highly manual process of data extraction, analytics and reporting”

Christian Schnabel

MD at Golding Capital Partners

“The Accelex solution adds digitization, scale, quality and full auditability, complementing other measures in place, to get seamless access to investment data -historically a mostly manual process”

Ruud Wilders

Principal, Private Markets Operations at LGT Capital Partners

“Accelex is bringing automation via an optimized data extraction workflow, underpinned with a comprehensive data audit trail. Ultimately, we expect to gain deeper investment insights in a scalable, timely and cost-effective manner for the benefit of our clients”

Kim Thompson-Springer

Senior Manager, Private Investment Assets,  Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo )

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From acquisition to analytics, redefining alternative investment data.

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