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Analyze portfolio performance and look-throughs into any category and any level in real-time as documents are delivered from general partners.

Accelex is a solution designed specifically to meet the demands of the alternative investment market.

Combining data from multiple document types (fund performance reports, capital account statements, capital call/distribution notices and fund financial statements) to deliver fully audited performance analysis. Accelex’s portfolio analytics and reporting platform delivers a single source of validated data that provides rapid answers to the questions that matter most to institutional investors, including the overall performance of a portfolio, the relative performance of individual funds and companies, and the contribution of underlying investments to overall performance.

Powerful analytics and reporting with Accelex

Accelex provides a single integrated, end-to-end private markets platform from document acquisition to performance analysis.  

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Key features of the Accelex analytics interface

Portfolio exposure to underlying assets look-through

Dynamic, multi-dimensional portfolio view with drill-through capabilities enable deep understanding of drivers and answer key performance questions or deviation from allocation policies immediately. By combining different aspects of commitment data, Accelex’s analytics platform can highlight areas of the portfolio that warrant further investigation.

Full audit trail

An integrated system from document acquisition to performance analysis, enables users to seamlessly navigate back to source data for transparent data linage and validation purposes.  

Cohort analysis

Analyze how different cohorts of the portfolio perform versus one another, how an asset is performing within your entire portfolio, and how it is performing versus like-for-like cohorts.  

Value bridge analysis

Discover what is driving an asset’s performance and rollup to fund level to see which assets are contributing to the fund’s overall performance. 

Accelex is designed with private markets in mind, answering a range of questions unique to different funds, documents and performance drivers.  

How do I optimize my investment return? 

How is my current portfolio performing?

What individual assets are driving fund value? 

What is the exposure of the portfolio?

How are the underlying portfolio companies performing?

Are specific names, sectors or cohorts driving performance within the portfolio? 

What should be the focus of new investments to the current portfolio? 

What are the flows of cash in / cash out?

What our clients say about Accelex

“Our focus is providing innovative investment solutions and competent advice to help institutional investors build a sustainable and successful investment strategy. With Accelex’s cutting-edge technology solution we are able to focus our efforts on delivering exactly this, without the need for highly manual process of data extraction, analytics and reporting”

Christian Schnabel

MD at Golding Capital Partners

“The Accelex solution adds digitization, scale, quality and full auditability, complementing other measures in place, to get seamless access to investment data -historically a mostly manual process”

Ruud Wilders

Principal, Private Markets Operations at LGT Capital Partners

“Accelex is bringing automation via an optimized data extraction workflow, underpinned with a comprehensive data audit trail. Ultimately, we expect to gain deeper investment insights in a scalable, timely and cost-effective manner for the benefit of our clients”

Kim Thompson-Springer

Senior Manager, Private Investment Assets,  Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo )

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