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Accelex delivers a richer and more integrated view of alternative investments, enabling better portfolio insights and investment decisions – faster, more accurately and securely providing:

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Transparency for investors

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Better informed investment decisions 

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Control / risk management

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Operational efficiency

Key benefits of the Accelex solution

Reduce costs

Realigning FTEs into higher value tasks

Save time

Accelerated data acquisition processes

Improve accuracy

Artificial intelligence delivering measurable accuracy performance

Clear audit trail

For data points, including traceability to exact locations within a document

Improve scalability

Extraction of more metrics, more documents, more often

Gain ownership

Internalize and take control of your data

Don’t just take our word for it

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) is one of Canada’s largest and most diversified institutional investment managers.  Kim Thompson-Springer and Monica McNabb explain their view on the partnership.

What our clients say about Accelex

“Our focus is providing innovative investment solutions and competent advice to help institutional investors build a sustainable and successful investment strategy. With Accelex’s cutting-edge technology solution we are able to focus our efforts on delivering exactly this, without the need for highly manual process of data extraction, analytics and reporting”

Christian Schnabel

MD at Golding Capital Partners

“The Accelex solution adds digitization, scale, quality and full auditability, complementing other measures in place, to get seamless access to investment data -historically a mostly manual process”

Ruud Wilders

Principal, Private Markets Operations at LGT Capital Partners

“Accelex is bringing automation via an optimized data extraction workflow, underpinned with a comprehensive data audit trail. Ultimately, we expect to gain deeper investment insights in a scalable, timely and cost-effective manner for the benefit of our clients”

Kim Thompson-Springer

Senior Manager, Private Investment Assets,  Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo )

Optimize your workflows and resources

From acquisition to analytics, redefining alternative investment data.

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