Accelex has developed a comprehensive acquisition and validation workflow to enable automated document understanding

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easy ingestion

get the benefit of Accelex today with no integration, or automate file ingestion by integrating your document management systems

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structured content

allow Accelex to classify and tag your content, ensuring that optimal extraction algorithms are deployed in each case

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standardise complex processes

define data requirements for once and ensure our dynamic extraction engine links data back to entities in your own data model

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exception based workflow

use a combination of encoded business logic and our system’s statistical confidence levels to focus your attention on difficult-to-interpret cases

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control & audit

track each step in your workflow – including any user input – to provide a full operational audit trail along with comprehensive security and access control

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flexible export & integration

export in a range of custom data formats and easily share output with any downstream systems – all in one secure cloud environment

Accelex utilises a unique blend of natural language processing, machine vision and heuristic approaches

Industry specific machine intelligence

Leverage our deep private markets industry expertise encoded into Accelex instead of generic machine learning models

One model, curated crowd-learning

Benefit from continuous model enhancements throughout our entire partner ecosystem without the need to label data

Natural language processing meets machine vision

Accelex combines the power of cutting-edge technologies and research to solve real-life operational challenges

Learn more about our proprietary AI and machine learning technologies or get in touch to find out how we can help you to unleash the power of your data