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LONDON, UK – AUGUST 24, 2021 – Accelex, a data acquisition, analytics and reporting solution for private markets investors and asset servicers, announces the global launch of their capital account statements, capital call and distribution notice processing. Firms will now be able to streamline the data extraction from these critical investment documents leveraging the same cutting-edge technology used by clients worldwide to process thousands of private markets fund performance reports each quarter.

Accelex provides an integrated environment to manage, extract and audit data from an endless range of general partner reporting formats. The AI-powered capabilities are applied to a comprehensive suite of metrics across capital accounts, fund commitments, payment instructions and other data points complete with their accurate attribution to respective investor, fund or asset entities. Combined with an elegant user experience for last-mile validation and cross-team collaboration tools, the platform is designed to streamline investor operations, and significantly reduce the time from receipt of document to actionable data and insights.

“We are excited to offer our clients solutions to support their digital initiatives as we automate and streamline the processing of complex investor workflows”, said Nicole Weder, Chief Product Officer at Accelex. “These tasks are typically a manual, time consuming – and often error prone – operation depending upon middle, back office or outsourced teams. Unlike other technologies in this space our platform does not require clients to pre-define extraction templates for any document processed, our algorithms are fully dynamic. This allows us to deliver an optimised workflow for these critical investment documents, providing more data, more quickly, more accurately and at a lower price point than human resources”.

About Accelex

Accelex provides a data acquisition, analytics and reporting solution for investors and asset servicers enabling firms to access the full potential of their data. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Accelex automates processes for extraction, analysis and sharing of critical investment performance and transaction data. The solution has been developed to simplify the demanding workflow requirements of investors and their asset servicers. Headquartered in London, Accelex has offices in Paris, Luxembourg, New York and Toronto.

To learn more about the Accelex SaaS solution please visit our product page, or to get in touch to find out how the technology can help you to automate manual workflows schedule a demo now.

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