The data acquisition, analytics and reporting solution for investors and asset servicers

Accelex explained:

Transforming unstructured content into data, information and insight

Powered by proprietary AI and machine learning techniques, Accelex automates processes for the extraction, analysis and sharing of critical investment performance and transaction data. Accelex has been developed to simplify the demanding workflows of private market participants and deliver tangible benefits:


a 50-70% reduction in the cost of unstructured data acquisition and validation activities

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a ‘months’ to ‘days’ reduction in time spent acquiring and validating unstructured financial information

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Automated workflow from the management of inbound unstructured content to delivery of audited financial information

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an increase to 95%+ in data acquisition accuracy over manual and template based approaches

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full transparency into the original source data from the structured financial information plus a complete audit trail of any user changes

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the system can process a plethora of documents and thousands of data points

Private market data is largely unstructured and processed manually …

Financial firms are plagued with manual data acquisition, sharing and reporting processes. Existing solutions are localised, integration intensive and legacy systems are prevalent. The private asset sector is ill equipped to respond to complex core processing, rising costs and increased regulation

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reliance on Excel and data exchanges through PDF files

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siloed functions and multiple unconnected data repositories limit analytic capabilities

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the inherent blocks for fund investors to access source data are amplified by fragmented solutions

… we have developed advanced capabilities for the private markets data ecosystem, with a comprehensive acquisition and validation workflow

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